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  1/19/2019 Just checking to see if the guest book in working properly  
  3/23/2018 Mr. Haddix, It was a pleasure meeting you at The Wave Small Business Summit. Thank you for taking the time to attend and I hope you were able to take away some useful information. Keep in touch.  
  1/10/2018 Secured Travis i am going to take up on the bass lessons we talked about..... under all american music is the Blues..... when you find time call me or email me...... the CD was classic stuff (great) "Go CAVS"  
  10/26/2017 Secured I like to post something on my web site when I am on tour--Norwich England  
  2/2/2017 I really enjoy your music. You are a real blues man!  
  11/19/2016 Secured Have 2 tickets again for the 26th, next Saturday. Excited  
  11/6/2016 Secured Wonderful show last night at the Music Box Supper Club. This is the first time I've seen the full band and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You had me dancing in my seat all evening.  
  10/22/2016 Wow- please forgive me as a long standing blues fan but I just got introduced to your music on Music Choice TV channel #446 here in good 'ol Arlington, VA. First- I loved the sound complemented by hons of course (It's Mt Time Now' then was intrigued when they stated that you had spent time as a Postal employee. I am USPS retoired, and now, a great fan of yours. best to you Sir and I hope you get on down here to the DC area as we'd love to have you (the Hamilton I suggest). God Bless, John Keith Schwarz  
  4/9/2016 Hi Travis...enjoyed your show last night at the Music Box. The new songs you did (Soul Man). Will you be back on the 13th of May...Hoping you will because I will be bringing my mom from Columbus Ohio to see you...Take care! Donna  
  11/30/2015 Outstanding show at the Music Box November 28th  
  8/1/2015 Can't wait to see you again in Erie at the Blues and Jazz fest.  
  9/11/2014 Hi Travis, It sure was GREAT seeing you and spending time with you at the Delta Reunion!!  
  8/10/2014 Hey I'm the big guy that play guitar I live in Sandusky give me a call 419 366 9345 my name is Glenn Aaron great show in Sandusky.  
  8/10/2014 Hey I'm the big guy that play guitar I live in Sandusky give me a call 419 366 9345 my name is Glenn Aaron great show in Sandusky.  
  7/16/2014 great seeing you on the blues cruise! keep us posted on gigs  
  7/11/2014 Hi Travis, My computer at home is messed up so here is my work e mail. Take Care Patty  
  3/27/2014 Secured Rob the Tourist thinks you are great!  
  11/11/2013 Hola! Travis...Good friends (since 80's) with Tommy Dukes/guest harp many times....gave me your CD..Old man in Love...Play my harp to your music every time I pull it up...Love it!!! I do all of Tommy's CD and T-shirt sales/design. Would be happy to guest solo for your private gig for a couple songs in Dec/Phx. call Tommy for reference...928-289-2886....Also, ain't after nothin' but a good time! Love the Blues!!!!!!! Payin' me and my ole lady's own way....Later!!! Jim Cox 928-241-3702  
  7/27/2013 Travis Moonchild Haddix.. It was an extreme honor and pleasure to meet you...I am in AW  
  6/27/2013 Secured I really enjoyed your show on Saturday, looking forward to having you on my show next month so my audience can hear real blues.  
  6/19/2013 LEAVE IT FOR CHRIST SAKE - I'VE HADDIX WITH YOU - NO I'M HADDIX and the list goes on :) Thank you for a wonderful tour in Denmark. I'm looking forward to the next one. Love. Eddi "Paper" Sorensen  
  6/16/2013 I really enjoyed your playing last night in Tonder, Denmark. I hope you come to Denmark soon again. Sincerely Michael Albatross Christensen.  
  6/15/2013 Secured Hi Travis, very thanks for yesterday at Admiralen for ur good music :-) Looking forward to next time :-)  
  4/15/2013 Hey thanks for visiting Piney grove mb church today it was really nice to meet you and your friends  
  10/8/2012 Enjoyed seeing you and the band at the Camden SC Blues Fest!!!!!!  
  8/19/2012 Secured Thank u 4 the great gig last night and have a good time in Spain! Markus  
  7/20/2012 Hi Travis I never ever heard you name before, I was sample listening on soul blues music and found you cd & dvd set and wow now i am a travis haddix fan all the way from Oakland CA, i took your set up to my cousin barbecue in Sacramento and attendees at the barbecue had me to order your set for them. If everybody could hear your set you would be famous on a national level, people need to know about how good you are, I just love the set. Let me know if you ever come to the bay area Oakland/San Francisco area, take care  
  5/22/2012 Secured Travis you are one BAD CAT !!!! Just moved back to the Cleveland area. Used to catch you at the old Brothers Lounge [ W117th&Detroit ] every time you played there. Looking forward to seeing you and the band live again. Thanks for all the great shows. Bill  
  4/10/2012 Travis, do you ever make it to the East Coast? I might be able to line up something for you and the band near DC if you give me enough notice. Be well, Harmonica Blu (Howard Herrnstadt)  
  3/1/2012 Secured Travis, I was sent over by your friend "Mike"...Hey great sounds and sharp performance....enjoyed...Great to your Success. Always Linda..................  
  2/25/2012 Travis, You're Bless I love the Blues. Question why is it so hard to find the song Dollar Worth Of Gas  
  12/3/2011 Secured Hi, Moonchild great gig at the club last night I am glad that I could be there to enjoy  
  10/25/2011 Now I can see when you're playing  
  10/15/2011 Hi Moonchild, I am looking forward November 26 at Scala in Wetzikon with Larry's Blues Band.  
  10/12/2011 Secured Hello Mr. Moonchild great party Saturday night at Terry Macklin's  
  10/11/2011 When are you coming to Florida!  
  9/25/2011 LOVE THE MUSIC!  
  8/21/2011 Hey Travis, been playing you on my radio blues show "Blues Spectrum" for many years and we get serviced with all your new releases, now by Benevolent Blues. You amaze me, putting out a great new album year after year. I love the soul blues especially, being from Jackson, Tennessee and good friends with Denise LaSalle and James Wolfe. I've been wanted to tell her about the "Down Home Blues" story you tell on "A Dozen Times." You deserve to be in the same eschelon as B.B. and Bobby. You're an American Music treasure. Thanks Travis! Steve Cagle, "Blues Spectrum," KVMR FM, Community Radio, Nevada City, CA  
  6/10/2011 Secured ALOHA,Travis me & My Husband Robert went to see you at Anna Banana's in January 2011 we had a FANTASTIC FRIDAY NIGHT DATE NIGHT you really made it memorable We really enjoy your music we also went to see you when you played at Hawaii Public Radio we always try to see you when you come to Hawaii keep on playing that AWESOME BLUES. ALOHA ROBERT & RUTHIE,  
  4/22/2011 Secured Though it's been 3yrs since i were your bass player. I still enjoy your music,& appreciate the opportunity you gave me 17yrs ago.To bad we could'nt work things out.Good Luck & congradulations to your continued success. Looking forward to still being a fan,& your new music.  
  4/22/2011 It was good Talking to you Mr. Haddix I enjoy your Music and I hope we can meet and jam sometime....peace LaMonte DeMille  
  9/13/2010 Secured would like to know the list of dates where travis will be playing in cleveland, ohio  
  6/6/2010 Travis is one of the very best blues guitarists anywhere. The rest of us are trying to find the roots. Travis is the roots. Gaetano Letizia - Lifetime Jazz/Blues Guitarist  
  5/5/2010 Travis "Moonchild" Haddix,"If I'm One You're One Too".... absolutely loved your work,including your quiet tribute to the man we call "Doc/Rooster". Keep up the good work!!! ____ and most importantly, please know that you are loved,respected and held in the very highest esteem ____ at all times,in all places and among all people. Your brother Phil,Rosemary,Ricci and Marques (5/5/2010 @12:26 PM)  
  4/14/2010 Secured Hello Moonchild-- great show on Saturday night I hope to see again soon!!!!!!  
  3/14/2010 Secured Hi Travis ! Here I am ! ;) Please, let me know when you are in France or in Belgium at the Banana Peel.. :)) a blues fan, Harmonically Yours, Odile, NICE-F  
  2/28/2010 Secured I became a fan after your appearance on Fox8 in February 2010. I missed your performance at Fat Fish Blue, but found your web site and notice you will be performing in the Cleveland area. What an asset for Clevelanders. In one of your songs, I did not get the title, in the lyrics you sang --I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, you sang this song on Fox8. I would appreciate if you could let me know which DVD this song is on so I can purchase. Thanks Mildred  
  2/7/2010 Dear Mr. Haddix: I get tired of going to Hastings Record Store or wherever, and can't find nothing new to listen to, Got up in the attic last week and dug out my Living Blues Magazines and the dial spun to you, go to EBay buy a couple of cds, get them - listen - love them. As you closed your article in that 1995 Living Blues interview - "You want to entertain, make people smile and happy". We'll I'm happy, happy, happy - I Love your Music. I will have every cd possible by the end of the month. Thank You! Ralph  
  1/9/2010 Secured MOONCHILD!!!! When will you be back in Chicago. It's been almost a year that I last saw you in April 2009 at Buddy Guy's Legend with that great funky band, and ask that you make it back over here soon! Best Wishes!  
  12/12/2009 Secured Mr. Haddix, It was a honor meeting you last night at Beachland for the Robert Lockwood Jr. Scholarship Benefit. Godspeed as you continue doing what you do. You have a great website and I love your quote. When we realize we are one of a kind and what we do is unique to us--no two snowflakes are alike and every finger leaves its own unique mark--then we know it is left to us to be the best as only we can be. Visit me at bluegrits.blogspot and see what's happening at 1600 Blues Avenue. Love and Peace, Bluegrits  
  11/19/2009 Secured Hi Moonchild, It's always nice to look up musicians who had sent a CD to us for our Internet Radio Station and find there still playin' We've added several of your songs to your new web site and will get them all on-line soon. Tom TBones Cramer Owner 440MUSIC COM Internet Radio Music You'll Like by Artists You Don't KNow  
  11/18/2009 Secured My Father is MR ROSCOE STUART. He is resident at SUBURBAN PAVILION Skilled Nursing Ctr, and Daddy and I are looking forward to your 3 p.m. concert on this Friday, November 20,2009. Mr N.Beavertold us to expect a great show!  
  8/1/2009 Secured It was nice to meet you yesterday, Travis... nice sound, great band. Perhaps we can sing together someday. Teri Silver terisilverdotcom  
  7/11/2009 You all our my heros's!!!G-d Bless  
  6/20/2009 Moonchild - awesome show at the Chicago Bluesfest - what a blast! I'd like to share my pix with you, let me know how to send them your way. Looking forward to seeing and hearing your band here in Cleveland!  
  6/6/2009 Secured Hey Travis, it's was great fun playing with you! You sounded fantastic! I love your songs, too. Come back to Germany to play with the Bluesnight Band soon! Take care, Jimmy  
  5/10/2009 Secured We really enjoyed listening to you at the Blues by the Sea afternoon. Awesome is all I can say. Best wishes to you.  
  4/7/2009 NWA_GUY@ABAOWERRI.CO.NG Nwa Guy was here.  
  12/27/2008 You got some paper?????? Hi Travis, and merry christmas. Is it good to be back in Cleveland? Thank you for a wonderful tour with the Hooter man. I really enjoyed your company. Happy new year, and I hope that we meet when I go to San Fransisco with Louise. Best wishes from the paperboy. Eddi Jarl  
  12/16/2008 Secured Hi, Travis! I'm glad I got to meet you and see you play (two times)! Thank you for everything! - Arttu U.  
  12/8/2008 Hi Mr. Haddix! Saw your gig with Hooter's Blues last week in Laukaa High School, Finland. I just loved the show! I bought your album Company is Coming, and like I told you I listened to it right away when I got home. Man, it sure is an excellent album! The song 'Grandsons are fun' is probably my favourite track. I was the guy who helped you with your equipment a bit after the show and escorted you and Hooter to your van. I'll remember that day always. Thank you so much for playing in our school and please do come again! PS. I forgot to ask you back then that where did you get that nickname of yours, "Moonchild"? I find its quite cool name. ;)  
  11/23/2008 Hi Travis! This is from Ester at Nørre Åby Efterskole in Denmark! (you signed me a cd remember?) Thanks for a fantastic evening with you and your songs (and Hooter). You are great and very telented!! I especially liked "winners don´t quit cause quitters don´t win!" and "boom, boom, boom, boom". You got us out on the floor, dancing and singing and having a great time. Before I was not aware of how cool blues music is - thanks for showing me! And congratulations on your big b-day next week. I really admire you for "still going strong"!! I will always remember you. Best wishes Ester, Denmark.  
  11/19/2008 oh yea by the way... to heads are better then one..... jeppe  
  11/19/2008 Hey Travis. It's Chris. You know, the guy with the shirt saying: 'Two heads are better than one'. Just wanted to tell you that you're an amazing musician!! Your music makes me happy and it makes me dance to! Travis? You're nearly 70 but still going strong! You've got all my respect! Know i've heard you live two times, i've got your albums, your autographs and your friendship, and you know what? it's fantastic!! See you Travis. Please write me once. Just use the Email below. Best wishes. Christophe!  
  11/19/2008 Secured hey travis. that was some relly cool music. thank you for comming to nordfyns efterskole and play. vi elsker dig (we love you :-) best luck ever, jeppe  
  11/17/2008 Secured I have been a fan of yours' since the release of the album "Wrong Side Out" way back in 1988. I love your song writing and sense of humor .... I hope you can make it to the Milwaukee area. Keep On Keeping On. Richard in Milwaukee  
  11/1/2008 hey my friend you really rock dude you are the best from lasse  
  10/24/2008 Hey Travis! I just wanted to say that I think you rocked yesterday at the gig in Motala, Sweden! I can honestly say that it was the best bluesconcert I've been to.. Keep on rockin'!!! love sara  
  10/1/2008 Secured wonderful show at the Stamford Arts Theatre on Fridaynight 26th September 2008; when are you coming to Nottinghamshire? Great to see the whole band in the bar at the interval.  
  7/28/2008 Hello Travis ! So, you´re coming back to Scandinavia and Finland too at the end of the year. Hopefully we see again at Kaavi or at least in Kuopio. Have a great time meanwhile, Cheers ! Ville from Kaavi Blues society  
  6/13/2008 Hey Travis my girlfriend and I saw you and your band at Fat Fish Blue. What a great show you put on. You and your band are tight. Hopefully in the near future we will check you out again.  
  5/26/2008 Hey my brother. I just surfed on to your site and want to tell you how much I like your site and 'dig' your music. I hope one day our musical paths cross. You are one soulful 'cat'. I wish you continued success. Peace, Southside Jerry  
  3/19/2008 Hey Travis, I Hope you like the product. Hit me back!  
  12/7/2007 Hey Travis how ya doing ? Its always good to hear from you man. Hope things are well with you & your Family. As you well know since our parting i've been on quite a few tours. The tour was the World Famous Commodores (99-02) You know that was exciting! I had a chance to play with a group i always loved. So you're still doing it ! God Bless ya. I'm always available if you ever need a second keyboardist. And if you ever need someone to go overseas with you, i'm available for that too. Just give me a call we'll talk. I'm looking forward to hearing your latest CD. You take care now. Peace & Blessings always. Don Williams Sr.  
  10/29/2007 Secured Hello Moonchild: I'm gonna have to miss your performance this time in Chicago at Buddy Guy's, cuz I'll be out of town. That's the only reason! Continue to knock 'em dead. Bette  
  9/25/2007 Secured hi travis . just thougt i saw you walking about the streets of our small town ,-it must have been another man !! hope you and your family are well and you enjoyed seeing them again . best of wishes from johan and astrid arrebo p.s. hope your shoes are dooing well  
  8/21/2007 Travis, Thanks for the samples on your website. I have really enjoyed listening to the REAL blues. Believe it or not, we are from the same hometown. You have me by five years; so we could have a very interesting talk. The songs, posted here, remind me so much of the songs I used to listen to on WLAC as a kid. Thanks again for the treat. -Andy  
  8/16/2007 Secured Hello Travis! We enjoyed meeting you and listening to your cool sound in Aero Island. We had a fabulous trip and you were part of it! Shawn, Donald, Betsy and Doug from Atlanta. Let us know when you are at Fuzzy's and we'll come by.  
  7/2/2007 Secured Hi Travis. We had a wonderful time at the SkawPubben in Skagen,Denmark last week. Hope to hear and see you again sometime. Maybee in Norway?? Love "Sue"  
  6/28/2007 Secured hello travis! great play at nanas stue on fanö! hope you enjoy sweden and that all went well! the danish-swedish guitar player  
  6/18/2007 Hi Travis! Remember the harp player from Bullfrog Brown who got your CD for his radio show at Kaavi Blues in Finland? Well, here's his most recent playlist: Sinine Sagedus, Marta FM, Estonia, June 18th: 1. Sonny Boy Williamson II / From The Bottom / Goin' in Your Direction / Alligator 2. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble / Give Me Back My Wig / Live at Montreux 1982 & 1985 / Epic/Legacy 3. TRAVIS 'MOONCHILD' HADDIX / Dick For Dinner / Mean Ole Yesterday / Wann-Sonn 4. Tampa Red / Boogie Woogie Dance / It's Tight Like That / Story of the Blues 5. Tampa Red / (Honey) It's Tight Like That / It's Tight Like That / Story of the Blues 6. Tampa Red / When Things Go Wrong / Complete Recorded Works: Vol.14 / Document 7. Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown / Ain't That Just Like A Woman / Pressure Cooker / Alligator 8. Seasick Steve & The Level Devils / Ruff Side / This Is Punk Rock Blues Vol.1 / Punk Rock Blues 9. Roy Carrier / I Come From The Country / Living Legend / Severn 10. Liz Mandville Greeson / He Left It In His Other Pants / Ready To Cheat / Earwig 11. Pat Ramsey & The Blues Disciples / Allergic To Work / It's About Time / Rampat Cheers, Andres  
  6/18/2007 Hello Travis! Me and my friend Helena became fans after hearing you play on a hot summer evening at Base, Espoo, Finland. We got your cd, which we enjoyed very much! We´re looking forward to the next opportunity of hearing you play and talking to you(and joking with you) some more...Take care! love, Annamari & Helena  
  6/6/2007 Hey Uncle. I just wanted to check in with you as I know you are traveling the world. Enjoy! I am jamming with you in spirit. Be sure to let me know of future gigs when you return to the States. Safe travels! Your nephew, Gyasi C.  
  5/25/2007 Secured Hello! I really enjoyed your workshop this thursday. I wish you good luck here in scandinavia! Cheers! // Lukas  
  5/18/2007 Hello Travis ! Wanted to let you know that we have opened a brand new website for our Kaavi Blues festival at: kaaviblues. com. Please go and check it out, hope you can also write to our guest book. See you soon at the festival ! Ville  
  4/19/2007 Secured hey travis! great meeting you at the savannah. thanks for coming out to the gig. much appreciated. love the site and the music. maybe we'll get to jam somewhere down the travels and cool gigs....db  
  3/22/2007 Hay Travis, Frank Ace here. I just received a copy of Jefferson The worlds oldest bluesmagazine published by SCANDINAVIAN BLUES ASSOCIATION, and they had a interview on you. Have you seen it? It's great! Seeya soon old friend. frank ace  
  3/21/2007 francisax@hotmsai hallo Travis, how are you my dear??? well I am with you friday and saturday at the Savannah club in Ohio. just think of littel miss Meyer joining in with a nice solo on flute and sax or as a part of your horns......greet them from me and I will join you either in september or november this year.I played the saxophone in salvador de Bahia Brasil during the caranaval 2007. but i miss you yours francesca  
  2/24/2007 Secured Hello Travis ! I hope you can recall me, I´m Ville, Hooter´s friend from Finland. You were here back in march 2006 and I toured with you for a few days during the tour. I saw that you have posted date for the Kaavi Blues festival, which is our festival. Noticed that you got small mistake on that information, it says "Switzerland" though the festival is here in Finland :) Can you fix that thing on your schedule? :) Welcome back in June Travis, nice to meet you again and glad to have you to play at our festival :) Ville  
  1/27/2007 Hey Moon Great looking website I will see you when you are at the Rhythm room again J.M.  
  12/4/2006 Secured what a nice evening at lthe buddy guy legends in CHICAGO. hope to see you once in France. encore merci pour cette super soiree de blues. philippe  
  10/16/2006 Secured Hey Moonchild this is a fantastic website and I will see you at the Savannah on Saturday night. J. Mason  
  8/13/2006 Hey Travis , good too hear from you . I am doing well. It's good to know that you are going strong and still traveling abroad. I'm also blessed to be able to do the same . I often tell people when asked, that my professional career started with you . Travis , you played a MAJOR part in my musical development . Thank you! Bernard Watt  
  7/20/2006 Thanks for the photos! The CDs are fantastic! Thank you soooo much Mr. Haddix!  
  7/16/2006 Secured Thanks Mr. Haddix! You have a great site!  
  6/15/2006 Hey Travis, Sorry took a long time until checked this great site...But very special huge thanks for visiting our school in Kitee with Hooter. Now abit warmer here he he... check out for, take care, simo  
  6/4/2006 Travis thanks for all the hits you have written for me over the years. Keep on doing what you are doing and God Bless. Artie  
  5/31/2006 Secured Hi Travis! What a wonderful time we had in Cleveland. You are an extremely nice person and an exceptional musician. You made me and my family feel very special at the Savannah Club. I absolutely LOVE "Knee Deep in the Blues" - that Dixieland sound along with 'Precious Lord'... what an excellent choice you made for me - I'll be playing it on my show. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Hopefully, we'll see you soon. Your new friend, Emm Thurston  
  5/30/2006 Secured hey Travis! Thanks for the nice preforming, 2 months ago, when you and The Hootie Blues, played on Klank Efterskole. It was SO good and well yeah, we really loved you guys! So yeah... How are you anywayz? :) we're good! xxxx marie, mie and cecilie :) p.s. YOUR GUITAR WAS AUSSUM!!!!!!!!!!! 8D  
  4/28/2006 Hey Moonchild Nice web site and I will see you when you return to Cleveland. JB  
  4/15/2006 Hi Travis! Just wanted to say hi and thank you for a great tour in Scandinavia, both socially and musically. I hope you find your way up to the cold north some time, so we can make some magic again! I wish you and your family a happy easter, and good luck with upcoming shows. I also have some pictures from the tour, send me an email to me, and I'll send them to you. All the best, Asbjorn  
  4/12/2006 Sonny, Happy Birthday sorry it's a little late, we love you and hope to see you soon. how's the family? We're all okay. Phil, rosemary, Ricci, and Marques  
  4/7/2006 You always put on a GREAT show for us every year here in Hawaii at O'Tooles, looking forward to catchin' you again next year. Hope to see you here in Feb or so..... Aloha to you Travis!  
  3/22/2006 Secured Thanks for a great evening at Stampen, Monday 20/3! You made my mother's birthday! She said it was the best present that I could have given her, to take her to Stampen and to listen to real good blues. It was a surprise. She doesn't live in Stockholm, she lives in the countryside about 350 km from Stockholm. I luckely looked at the Internet to see what was going on that night and was happy to see that it was Blues Night at Stampen. Mum loves Blues - and she said "It was the right kind of blues". She was so happy and thought you were great!(We all did!)Thank's for the birthday song! She got so surprised. : ) You made her 60 Years Birthday very special and she'll never forget that. Thanks again and all the best in your life. Hope to see you again somewhere.  
  3/20/2006 Hey Travis! Man that show tonight at Stampen was really rockin´. You sure now how to put a spell on your audience! I may be a bit under alcoholic influence when i write this piece of message but i sure tell you this show you did is one of the greatest things i´ve seen! It really inspires me to play the blues! Rock on an´ greetin´s from the friend in the hat who´ll always sing and dance along your damn good music! Hope to see you soon! /Max  
  3/14/2006 Thanks for the great show at Koodi yesterday, keep on ruling at life :D - grandma' Terttu  
  3/14/2006 hei täälä punatukkanen nainen jonka näit kemin koodissa.kiitos ihanista biiseistä.minulla oli tosi kiva ilta.toivotavasti sinäki nautit meidän seuruueesta.olet tosi hyvä.nautin koko sydämestä  
  3/6/2006 Hi there Travis, It's the "Bluesman in the Making" from Lappfjärds Folkhögskola. Just wanted to check in and thank you for the gig. (And the CD of course)We had a great time, and we hope to see you back here again. See you around! yours: Jakob (and my friend who sat next to me also says Hi!)  
  3/6/2006 Thank you BIG time for you performance here in butt-freezing-cold Finland! You made an increadible impression on all of us at Lappfjärds folk high school. As I read some of the messages left earlier I have to agree with them all, you have a great charisma and seem like you're filled with positive energy that's released through your music. You gave a cd to a friend so we'll be able to listen to that good ol' blues even if you're half across the world :) So a great big thank You and hope we'll see you on a bigger stage some day!  
  2/28/2006 Fantastic show at Stampen last night. Winners never quit and i ohpe you will never quit. See you march 20th  
  2/25/2006 Thanks for the music at Josefs Blues-bar last night it was a real plesure to be there. good luck in Finland and comeback soon.  
  2/23/2006 Secured Dear Travis, Thanks for some great blues yesterday at the Mojo club in Copenhagen. It was very nice talking to you. I hope to see you back soon. Two of the leading blues mail order companies in Europe are Red Lick in the UK ( and Crosscut in Germany (, which it might be useful for you to get in contract with. Best wishes Troels  
  2/19/2006 Secured Hej, Ms.Maryland on the train from Oslo. I include a site to make you aware of our Stocholm Jazz Festival July 18-22 2006 -- might be interested? Should you be in the neighborhood, do not hesitate to contact us. (tried to copy paste the web address, it was not accepted -- go on google and search Stockholm Jazz Festival, you can switch to the English version once in.)  
  2/18/2006 Secured Thank you for a wonderful consert in Porsgrunn yesterday!  
  2/17/2006 Secured Hey Man This is a real good looking web site. Keep up the good work. C.G.  
  1/12/2006 Dear Travis: You rock brother. When I hear you sing the blues I smell catfish and chicken wings. You know how to take your listeners there. Diane  
  1/8/2006 Travis Thx for a great evening in Stalden Bar in Switzerland and enjoy your trip to my homecountry Sweden. Next time we must work on the lyrics to "He took the whisky and left....". Best regards. Tina  
  1/6/2006 You are a great guitarist for blues! It was so good to listen you in Switzerland.  
  1/5/2006 Hi Travis, I realy enjoyed the jam session at the have bin the highlight of the night...take care, Bruno  
  12/29/2005 Secured Travis, I enjoyed talking and blowin' harp with you at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix the other night - thanks for the invitation! Michael  
  12/18/2005 Hello Travis. Want to wish you merry christmas and happy new year 2006. Waiting for to see your first shows in Finland next march. Ville, Kuopio, Finland  
  12/17/2005 The CD and title cut from Wrong Side Out are beyond words, an example of Travis's finest work. One heck of a deep groove and lyrics that are so creative. If Wrong Side Out is not in your library there's a hole in your soul. With Respect, Richard in Milwaukee  
  12/1/2005 AFanAways  
  11/14/2005 travis ich finde dich und deine musik supper und sende dir grüsse aus arosa herzlich waldi  
  11/10/2005 Travis beat of luck with the blues. look forward to our hunting trip next week. Keep singing the blues.  
  11/7/2005 Hi travis, just want to let you know, how much we love your music. Especially the CD, Company is Coming, and the title song. Great job, brother. Keep up the great Blues Work!  
  11/6/2005 I just want to say keep the blues rolling and you sound DYNAMITE like always, i love good blues, I am back in town and will keep listening to you, God bless you always. Lucy aka Pinky  
  11/3/2005 Hello Travis, Nice to hear from you my Brother, keep up the good work, I've heard your material and I like it, good luck to you and we will meet up in the near future, God Bless, from Stan Mosley  
  10/10/2005 Secured Great job moon child keep up the good work.your a good man,great artist!good music!...crystal  
  10/10/2005 Hello Moonchild I just wanted to sign your guest book and let you know that I listen to you on wcsb 89.3 radio every Monday night from 9pm until 11pm keep on playing the blues Bro. Dave.  
  10/1/2005 Hey mr.supercool. I saw ya at blue note in Osnabrück but only for 30 minutes. I´m that boy you friendly gave your black shirt of Lava cafe. Sorry i didn´t wrote earlier, hard work to do. I listened to your cd and I can tell you that a lot of my friends are kind of jealeous that I met you. Anyway. I hope you both had a good time in Germany and get a good flight back home.Ride on, Moon"Vodoo"child. greetings Jörg  
  9/30/2005 Hey Moonchild I got a copy of living blues magazine July/August issue. That is a great article man. Keep on cooking. Tony  
  9/27/2005 i am italian me english is not good either but a great performance now let's get with b.b. king go boy......great job  
  9/27/2005 great guy greatsong writer.great performance .always gives his best god gave him to give.know to get him with b.b. king!keep up good work!!!!you go boy greatnone better  
  9/27/2005 Moonchild, Great show at the Boulevard blue last Friday night. I look forward to your next show. Cha, Johnson  
  9/8/2005 Hey Travis, it´s great fun to perform with you. You are a great artist and a hell of a song writer. I hope we can do more gigs together in the future and knock the people out like we did last night in Bergkamen. All the best to ya and let´s keep in touch. Tommy ( your best friend the backstabber :-)  
  9/2/2005 Aloha Travis; Noticed that it's been almost a year since I signed your Guest Book (about time you signed mine again ;-) We're once again looking forward to your annual visit to Hawaii. The O'Toole's gig is lined up and we have the last sunday in January at Ward Rafters. Peace and Good Blues! Steve & Libby Don't forget to visit the Stoddard's Hale!  
  8/23/2005 Secured Hello Travis - bought two CD in Cambrils and am totally in love with your music. Tomorrow I will travel to Washington D.C. but look very much forward to see you in Germany September 10, 2005. Love your words - there is so much to say or to sing in life. Wishing you lots of love and happines whereever you are. Susanne  
  8/20/2005 Hi Travis, i`m a new frend from tiger-lily.She givs mi a cd-copy.I think i see you in Scherzingen,10.09.05.Ich freue mich!Sorry, mi english is verry bad!!!  
  8/19/2005 Hey Travis...Thought I'd drop in and send a shout out to my brother in the blues. You are doing it big out there...Stay Blessed.Walter  
  8/10/2005 Secured check out the july/august Living Blues magazine. There is a great article on Travis in there.  
  8/1/2005 Saw both sets at the Poconos.Defenitely one of the high lights of th e weekend.  
  8/1/2005 Travis: I just wanted to thank you again for the CDs you sold me at the Bluesfest. It kept all of us from going through withdrawals on the long ride home. Please thank the whole group for also giving us "the best that they can be". You guys make this year's bluesfest a very memorable experience.  
  7/31/2005 Secured Your sets at the Pocono Blues fest were phenominal !!!! Absolutely blown away.  
  7/30/2005 We saw both of your shows today at the Pocono Blues Festival. Wonderful energy and music from the whole band.  
  7/20/2005 Secured I always add a comment to my guest book when I am on tour. I will be home soon folks. Stay on top of it. Moonchild  
  7/5/2005 Secured Hi Travis, Just wanted to let you know that I will send you photos as soon as I get them . Nice to see you in Chicago. Take Care, Patty & Mike  
  6/15/2005 Hi Travis, It was a pleasure meeting you this past Saturday at O'Hare Airport! It is really exciting to meet a performing artist with your talent. Thank you for sharing information with me about your music career. And thank you for listening to the information I shared with you about a way to protect your health and a great business opportunity. Travis I really like your website. I also love your style of music. As I listened to the sound clips, I was wishing I had the CD to hear more of your music. You can bet I will have your collection of songs! The Very Best To You, Levet  
  6/13/2005 Hey Travis, thank you very much for dropping us an email so quickly! I take it you and Robert Jr. Lockwood made it back home safely. We’re so glad you like our website (brazilianrhythm) and really enjoyed getting to know you in a short period of time at the Chicago Blues Fest 2005. This year was totally awesome! You are a very down to earth humble guy and easy to talk with. It’s always refreshing to me when I meet great artists like yourself that don’t forget their fans and how they got to where they are today, God bless you on that note! Sounds like you came up under all the right people and Cleveland ROCKS MAN!!! Lets stay in touch and meet up somewhere on the road. The next time your in Chicago (or vicinity) please let us know so we can catch up with you and get some more of those mean ol’ blues! Thank you for sharing a special moment of your great energy and the BLUES!!! Keep on boogiein’ my Blues Brotha! All the best to you and yours, sincerely, Miles  
  6/7/2005 Hello cuz... Gregory (my son) and I just wanted to sign your guestbook. We love what you doing and we want you to keep on doing it as long as you can. We really enjoy your music and please let us know when you're planning to come back to the south so all of us, (Billy, Virgina, Mary, and the rest of your family and fans) can see you again. We love you and please take care... love, your cousin, Roxie Mae  
  5/22/2005 Really enjoyed your gig at Boulevard Blue. Had lots of fun. Thanks for signing the Deja Voodoo guestbook. I will get you a cd soon. Take care. Mark Verba (Deja Voodoo)  
  4/30/2005 Hey Cuz I will see you at the EL HASA on Sunday. Keep on cooking. Your Cuz John A.  
  4/15/2005 Thanks "Moonchild" for signing my guestbook... anytime you need us, just Holler...Frank Ace  
  4/8/2005 hilden@muenster Hi Travis, thanks for your nice comment in my Guestbook. When I listened to the soundfiles on your site today, I soon realized that I got a compliment from a real Master!!! I hope we can jam together sooner or later! Gregor Hilden (  
  3/26/2005 Wow! Did I read that right? on 4-18 you are doing a cd with Artie White? Can't wait for that!  
  3/20/2005 Moonchild I am looking forward to your next gig in my neck of the woods and I hope it is very soon. Kathy G.  
  3/6/2005 Secured GREETINGS FROM YOUR NO. 1 FAN IN CHICAGO: What a great voice you have. I am glad someone from our huge graduating class from Walnut, Ms. has been so successful. Continue to thrill us all with your spectacular shows, and I will be sure to see you when you come back to Rosa's in Chicago to perform. Take care, and God bless. Bette Sacks, your classmate.  
  3/6/2005 What's up man, You probly don't know me but i am Nicie and Alvie Fryer's son we used to live in chicago, we stayed in milwaukee with Dorthy for a while back in the 70's. I just ran across your web site and it's cool. Are you coming to Memphis or Nashville anytime soon, I'd like to check out your show. be cool, lynn aka Hanif  
  2/14/2005 Hey Moonchild That was really a great show at Boulevard blue last Friday night. We will be back to see you again. Bette & Jackie.  
  2/11/2005 Francesca is signing in finally......I wish that I was never quit...that is it, it just blends in perfectly with my day as last Friday when I listened to your cd after working at school, it seemed like the best thing to do......lots of love my dear Travis and I know now where your nickname comes from .......and I have finished school for a bit and can fully concentrate on playing again.......playing alomg with your cd as well as doing my project......***  
  1/19/2005 Travis, It was great hearing you and band this weekend and I noticed that you are traveling alot. Keep playing and writing. Art  
  12/27/2004 Hey Travis....frank ace here...great gig the other night...I hope you liked the way we played behind you...if you ever need me and the boys, just call.....Seeya,  
  12/26/2004 Hello Moonchild We are very looking forward to see you soon here in Switzerland and hear you in a one of your powerful gigs. Greetings from Switerland send you Wuschi & Doris  
  11/22/2004 Just returning the favour of signing guestbooks and to say thanks for signing mine. Listened to your songs, very impressed so much I definately be buying a few cd's.  
  10/14/2004 Secured I have your first two Ichiban recordings...been reading reviews of your new recordings and would like to purchase them. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me on the phone. Look forward to seeing you "live" at a club in the Los Angeles area soon. Jeff  
  10/1/2004 Hey Twin This is your Cincinnati twin wishing you all the best. You are the real deal and I love you & the gang. Your twin brother of a different mother Mr. Keith Little klittle.  
  9/29/2004 VERY COOL website! I'm just starting a new job as a flight attendant. The training was much harder than I had anticipated. I tend to get nervous in stressful situations. I'll keep you posted on how I like the job, but my time is much more structured now. Your friend, Richard aka Dick Hammer  
  9/28/2004 Secured Hello Moon Great looking web site and good music. I will see you soon. D. Brown  
  9/24/2004 Secured Hey Moonchild... we're lovin yeah in Canada. Get out here to play the Yale! The best blues house in town. C/P  
  9/7/2004 Hey Moonchild Your web site is way cool. I will see you in concert at the Smoove on Sept.11, 2004 Hank G.  
  9/5/2004 Secured Hey Splauby Good looking web site and great music. I will see you at the Smoove. B. Goodwin  
  9/1/2004 Secured Dear Travis - Congratulations !!! Your Website is "moonchild cool". I had joy hearing from you and hope your family and you are doing well?? - I wish you big success with your projects. Hang Blues my Friend. Jeff Siegrist (  
  8/17/2004 Secured I had the pleasure of playing quite a few concerts with the Moonchild over here in Switzerland but the greatest experience for me was to share the stage with him and his band at his home in Ohio in spring 2000. If you want to know more about that, check my own site under Thanks Uncle Travis for making this possible. It was like a blues diploma for me! The best of luck from your Swiss blues brother Dinu  
  8/16/2004 There are only 2 words to truly describe the man, the music, and the mission...absolutely amazing. We were fortunate enough to see him live for the second time and he is like fine wine...he just keeps getting better with age. It was a pleasure to witness the show, but we are even more privileged to be related to the man. We love you Uncle Trav! Wakenya & Gyasi  
  8/14/2004 Secured forget travis the artist, the man is even better! my pleasure to know him.  
  8/11/2004 Secured Cool web site and good music. I hope to see again in concert with Mr. Lockwood. John.  
  8/9/2004 Secured Hi, Moonchild Your web site look fantastic and the music is slamming. I hope to see you in concert soon. Keyanna  
  8/9/2004 Hello Moonchild The web site looks great and the music sounds great I'm looking forward to seeing you perform again soon. Legs Diamonds  
  8/6/2004 Hi Travis, the show in Chicago at Rosa's July 24 was one of your best, the Savannah is always great, and I am looking forward to your shows November 26 and 27!!!: T.L.  
  8/4/2004 Hello Travis, I am not really into the Blues,however the Magnolia Revue is making me appreciate it. I especially like your style of Blues. I do get a chance to let me friends here on Guam listen to your music.  
  8/4/2004 Hello Travis,The magnolia revue Is looking for great things for you,keep the Blues flowing.  
  8/4/2004 My best to you Travis. I am a promoter and somewhat booking agent. I love your music and think you are one great Bluesman..Keep up the good work  
  8/4/2004 Travis has never made a song I did not like.  
  8/4/2004 Secured Moon Fantastic web site and great music keep up the good work.  
  7/30/2004 hello travis......i have been a fan for quite some time now and truly enjoy your music...i own a store called Music n More here tallahassee and sell only blues, southern soul, gospel and a little jazz...please keep me informed of any new product or shows near our area (i post shows in my store)  
  7/29/2004 Hi Travis! Looking forward to seeing you! Hope things are going well. It's a great website!  
  7/27/2004 Aloha Travis; Looking forward to seeing you here in Honolulu again next January. Your trip here last January was a blast and your show at O'Toole's was killer! We'll try and get ya a coupla gigs this time out ;-) Peace and Good Blues! Steve & Libby Stoddard  
  7/27/2004 Secured Great hearing from you, looking forward to seeing you and the guys at the Brewery. Know it'll be a fantastic night. You have a knack for making it happen. Til then Best Wishes....  
  7/26/2004 Secured Hey Cuz. That was a great show at Rosa's lounge last night in Chicago. I will see you at the Savannah next weekend. Your Cuz Chuck  
  7/26/2004 I always make a comment in my guest book when I am on tour. Its a fun thing to do. Moonchild  
  7/23/2004 Congratulations Travis on a great new site! Of course, you should show more of your band, especially that trumpet playing blue eyed soul brother, Jeff Hager! hee hee :>)